Why I’m (pretty much) running a rock band

Why I’m (pretty much) running a rock band

Being in a band isn’t something you would put on your CV when applying for a job in creative operations, but I’m about to tell you how they’re pretty much the same. And I should know, I do both!

A band gives its best performance when everyone is perfectly in sync, feeding off each other’s energy, giving it their all and generally being rock stars. The crowd are enjoying themselves and the atmosphere in the venue is electric. When my creative studio is operating in harmony the effects are (almost) exactly the same. The work is simply brilliant, and the crowd (our clients) love it.

So, what other lessons can we learn from punk philosophy and apply to our studio?

  1. Get organised. In a band, everyone must show up for rehearsals and know their parts to play; if someone can’t remember a lyric on stage, the whole band is thrown off. In the studio, this means working together, being punctual, planning projects thoroughly and setting realistic timelines. Maybe throw in the odd stage dive too.
  2. Communicate. In the same way that you must make sure everyone is in tune and playing the correct notes, we need to ensure that communication is on point and that everyone knows what they’re doing… especially as the work is ever-changing.
  3. Know your role. In a band, each member has their key skill and one thing they are solely responsible for. It’s the same in our studio. Everyone, and I mean everyone, from our creative director (our visionary lead vocalist – may have occasional diva moment), to our creatives (the guitarists writing the melodies), to our project managers and producers (drummers keeping everything in perfect rhythm and on time), has a unique set of skills. Every member is needed as much as the other; if there’s a missing part, then it will just sound off and we won’t be landing that label deal.
  4. Get niche expertise. When recording an album, you might need a specific sound and draft in a session musician to add something unique to a song. No one wants to hear Cheryl Cole on a Metallica album. In the studio, we occasionally bring in freelance talent that helps keep our perspectives fresh and gives us the ability to offer our clients a wide offering.
  5. Finally… We’ve all heard the bass player jokes: that it’s easy guitar, only four strings to strum etc… but, in actual fact, the bass is the rhythmic root of every song – and this is where I come in. As head of studio, I’m the central point of communication and the main contact for all the other band members, keeping the heartbeat thudding along behind the scenes. When the whole band are playing in tune, we’re the headline act at a festival. And the best result is our clients asking us for an encore performance.

We are always looking for new talent to join our band. If you want to be part of our headline act, get in touch

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