Helping millions of WW’s members achieve and share their weight-loss success

The problem

With society becoming more and more health conscious, the rise of new diet and exercise plans are in abundance. In one of the most competitive global marketplaces, how can a seemingly traditional brand like WW acquire and retain new members by staying relevant, healthy and active?

The solution

Helping WW find their 'WHY'

The Weight Watchers programme has been voted #1 best diet for weight loss 10 years in a row and, with a refreshed brand approach that included a name change to WW, we knew we could make the success speak for itself. We created a content programme around its members' weight-loss success stories to inspire and acquire new recruits, as well as helping retain and engage existing members. 

Through premium film content, editorial and photography, we create social campaigns that tell authentic true human stories, helping emphasise the personal side of the WW brand. We don’t just celebrate members' success, we also contribute to it through multiple campaigns themed around health, wellbeing and recipes through social content, film and printed magazines and books.

The results

We’ve been client partners with WW for more than 6 years and in that time we have helped the brand have as much success as its members. 

All strategy, creative and content is created in-house. We produce an average of 4 original lifestyle and meal-plan books, more than 300 recipes, 40 films and in excess of 150 social campaigns year on year, as well as landing PR coverage across key media titles.

Our work is proven to increase engagement and site visits, retaining and acquiring members, as well as reaching new audiences.

Why it matters

A storytelling content strategy for WW that genuinely ends well for both brand and member.

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